Creator Fund is hiring an Operations Director [hybrid Investing and Operations role] to help oversee our team and scale the organisation of a fast growing VC Fund.

This a unique hybrid Operations and Investing role. You will be involved in working with our founders, evaluating investments, and supporting deal closing. It is a fit for someone with a strong operating/consulting background looking for more investment exposure, as well as early-stage investors looking to focus more on operations.

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🌱 Creator Fund

Creator Fund is a Deep Tech VC fund investing in startups across Europe’s leading universities. We back founders building businesses on the edge of what is possible. We believe that Europe’s next generation of technology unicorns will be founded by PhD and academic founders driving innovation in their fields. We invest in frontier technology with the potential to shape the future of mankind, that includes electronic skin for robots 🤖, mutation-proof vaccines 🦠, autonomous drones ✈️, allowing the human mind to control machines 🧠, software to turn videos into the metaverse 📻 .

Creator Fund has a unique sourcing model, with teams on-the-ground across 28 university campuses identifying opportunities early. We have built a portfolio of 14 companies, and have been backed by 60+ LPs, including leading European VC funds. We are the first to scale a successful Silicon Valley model in Europe, which has been a catalyst for the success of university startups in the US.

We recently closed our $15mm UK Fund II, and a separate smaller fund to build our model in new European geographies. We have also closed an investment round into Creator Fund itself. This is a pivotal time in Creator Fund’s journey, and we are building our team to capitalise on our momentum.

🌍 Operations Director Role

Creator Fund has teams across 28 university campuses and is growing fast. Our PhD and other student teams on-the-ground are how we find, understand, and win high-quality opportunities, and they are treated as partners in our Fund. As Operations Director you will manage these teams. This will make you an important part of our investment process, as you will work with our teams to analyse and close deals. You will also be involved in supporting our founders post-investment.

Creator Fund is a startup too. And you will be responsible for building the systems, technology, and processes that allow our model to scale. The role includes:

⭐ About You

You want to play a key role shaping a unique fund in the European landscape. You are excited about the mix of investing and operating experience in this role. We want to speak to a diverse range of candidates, and we do not expect candidates to have all of the below experience. Broadly we are looking for: